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Energy is the commonality of every one and everything in our world. "Learn a holistic energy language to communicate social alignment"

Jalma L Marcus

Nationally Board Certified Holistic Nurse

I am presently completing a book, the focus of which

is in leading and managing organizational systems

through a holistic perspective, values based framework

 for people, processes, structures, and relationship alignment. 

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Jalma is presently completing a book the focus of which is in the awareness, understanding and embracing and using energy for individuals and organizations.  

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Keeping Our Organizational 

Values Front and Center

In the words of the great philosophical cartoon character Calvin, created by Bill Waterson, “Just because everyone is speaking English, doesn’t mean they are speaking the same language.”

Every organization is different – different people, processes, structures, and relationships (Marcus, 2018). Therefore, the way each organization defines its values will vary depending upon its personality/culture. This is also true for the behaviors that translate these values into actions. “One of the most important elements of the high performance, values-aligned culture is a set of values that are measurable, tangible, and observable” (Edmonds, 2010). In other words, each organizational value needs well-defined behavioral parameters that clearly and specifically describe how the value is (and isn’t) demonstrated.


Ongoing and intentional self-aware of the essential acts of listening discovery and reflection are at to ourselves with compassion, finding the core of every form of self- meaning in our actions, understanding care (AHNA & ANA, 2013). It our beliefs, intentionally being present, is through these actions that we learn new and embracing all aspects of ourselves. 



Jalma has been featured on "Beginnings" by The American Holistic Nurses Association, "Your Next Shift" by Living Sublime Well and Business Inovators Magazine.

Listen to Jalma Marcus's Interview on Your Next Shift by Living Sublimely Well

Your Next Shift offers a dynamic listening experience. Host Elizabeth Scala has strategically crafted a program that provides both practical tactics and universal truths. Weekly episodes present listeners with spiritual mindsets to be themselves and entrepreneurial tools to do their best. Guest interviews illustrate the importance of showing up as ourselves in our work, while giving us concrete methods to do so. Your Next Shift, which informs, educates and up-levels our nursing career, certainly is cutting edge in the healthcare environments of today.

A few take aways from our interview with Jalma Marcus RN, BS, MS, HNB, BC, CBP, AT, CLSEF include:

  • How the things that other people see in you can be clues for nursing success;
  • What asking for help can do for your growth and development;
  • And why blending nursing work with non-nursing roles can lead to professional joy!

Jalma Interviewed in Business Innovators Magazine with Carol A Santella 

I recently had the great pleasure of speaking with Jalma Mesnick Marcus, Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Holistic Practitioner, Creator and Founder of the Quantum Alignment System.

It became quite apparent throughout our conversation, that from birth, Jalma was destined to “be different,” be an innovator, stand out from the crowd, be an influencer, a person who had interest in how everything worked as a whole and how system approaches link everything vs only treating the parts.


Speaking Topics

 Have Jalma speak at your conference, podcast, or organization.  Start with "4 C's Energy Code" We focus on supporting Energy Systems to change existing vibrational frequencies providing opportunities for healthy alignment, balance and resiliency, allowing communication of the whole system. Through the use of Dynamic Systems Theory, Quantum physics principles, energetic OD activities, and Holistic Nursing principles specific leveraged priorities allow for the system to realign towards healthier patterns within the system of people processes and structures and relationships. The Alignment System analyzes 4 specific quadrants within a system called the 4 C's -Clarity, Connection, Compassion and Credibility. 

Ways we improve organizations.

  • effective decision making
  • improved relationships
  • communication
  • collaboration
  • increased patient and staff safety
  • expanded revenue
  • reduced stress, discouragement, burnout, illness and, ultimately, expenditures

SPeaking Topics

  • 4 C's Energy Code
  •  Clarity, Connection, Compassion, Credibility
  • Bullying at Work
  • Clarifying your Values
  • Presence and Self-Discovery
  • The 4Cs to Build Resilience.
  • How to use the 4Cs to calm your mind temporarily. 

The System Changes the Culture

The 4C’s Energy Code helps us:

  • Recognize the importance of creating an aligned energy system in the Space that Surrounds
  • Understand the biochemical power available to heal the organization
  • Name, embrace and contain organizational misalignment (Name it. Embrace it. Contain it.)
  • Become co-creators in opening the opportunity for individual and organizational health to emerge
  • Co-create opportunity for growth, profit and success

Review from LinkedIn

Your support has sustained me for many years and continues to do so. You are awesome! 


Review from LinkedIn

Congratulations Jalma! Your work is inspiring.

Carol W.

Review from LinkedIn

Jalma is a talented healer. She understands groups, organizations and individuals; her skills are tops!

Julie R.


Guiding Our “Way of Being”